Shipping of live animals

We strongly recommend all animal owners who want their pets to travel comfortably and quickly, to ship the animals by air.

Our staff working in this department are real animal lovers who every day do everything to ensure that each four-legged passenger entrusted to them reaches its new home as soon as possible.

The animals are transported in the aircraft cargo compartment in appropriate temperature and space. We ship the animals exclusively with IATA carriers which ensure safety and comfort of travel in compliance with international standards.

We provide detailed information about formalities and offer comprehensive import and export services.
We have all the expertise and capabilities to handle all animal species.

Since 2012 we have been a member of the prestigious IPATA association, which takes care of high standards and safety of transportation of live animals all over the world.

Your pet is our V.I.P : Very Important Pet

Please remember that the choice of a proper container enabling free movement and natural position of the animal is a very important element in transport of live animals.

Below you will find an instruction that help you to choose a proper container for your pet:

We take measurements when the animal is in a standing and upright position.

Please check the section of Container Sale for the list of containers available in our offer as well as for purchase of a suitable container for your pet.

Contact Airtrans for details on how to optimally arrange transport of your pet. If you are looking for speed, reliability and flexibility – be sure to choose Airtrans.

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