Air freight forwarding

We specialize in organizing international air freight. Our careful analysis of the shipment routing, all costs and delivery time will provide you with a tailored service that will answer all your needs.

At Airtrans, we are committed to handling both regular as well as special cargo, requiring the professional knowledge, qualifications and experience, which includes:

  • Dangerous Goods (DGR),
  • Live animals (AVI),
  • Valuable (VAL),
  • Perishable (PER),
  • Heavy and bulky (BIG),
  • Express (AOG/Time Critical).

We are constantly investing in new forwarding solutions, successfully developing our offer to handle demanding, urgent shipments.
Our offer of express deliveries includes the following individual projects:

  • charter flights,
  • courier on board (OBC),
  • same day delivery in Europe.

Available delivery types: "Door-to-door", "Door-to-airport", "Airport-to-airport", "Airport-to-airport".

You can be sure that our team will arrange the transportation process from the very beginning to the end and you will be updated on the successive shipping stages. To ensure an efficient flow of information, your order will be handled by one dedicated person.
Ask about the possibility of additional insurance cover for your cargo.

Contact Airtrans to decide what kind of service to choose. If you are looking for speed, reliability and flexibility – be sure to choose Airtrans.

Do you have any questions? Write to us.

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